Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Roasted Aubergine with Amaranth & Harissa


I’ve had a bag of amaranth sitting in my kitchen cupboard for a while now, so I thought it was time to use it. Like quinoa, amaranth is a true superfood, but unlike quinoa, it hasn’t started to become mainstream – people generally haven’t heard of it and don’t know how to use it. Amaranth […]

Gluten-free & Dairy-Free Moroccan-style Quinoa


Quinoa is a true wonderfood. This gluten-free grain contains all 8 essential amino acids and is rich in calcium, making it a great choice if you’re following a gluten-free and also dairy-free diet. But many people think quinoa is hard to cook. The good news is that it isn’t. You simply need to use the…

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Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Spinach & Pine Nut Pastries


These really are delicious. Unfortunately I didn’t get much as Peter polished off a couple and then Zoë ate not only hers, but most of mine, too! I’ve used a lot of water in the pastry mixture because this makes it much easier to process it in a food processor, but it also means that…

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Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Christmas Pudding


Christmas pudding is a great part of the countdown to Christmas. Traditionally you make it a few weeks (up to 6 weeks) before and, once you’ve piled all the ingredients into a large bowl, everyone has a good stir and a wish. This year, Zoe’s friend, Emily, came round to stir. We hope your wish…

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Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Christmas Cake


I’m so excited about Christmas this year! Zoe is 2 years old, so I think she’ll understand it this year. She was only a couple of months’ old for her first Christmas, 2 years ago – and she slept through most of it, including the very loud Mama Mia karaoke my sister had organized! And…

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