Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free at Zucca



Recently I’ve also gone to Zucca where they – very nicely – tell you on the menu to let them know if you have any food allergies. The menu is small and, amazingly, much of it was gluten-free and also dairy-free. The ethos behind Zucca (which means pumpkin or squash in Italian) seems to be Italian food made imaginatively – with delicious, fresh ingredients, and served simply and with care. I tucked into Grilled Prawns that were meaty, juicy and utterly delightful, and then had the Grilled Lamb Rump, Cianfotta & Mint which was gorgeous. Cianfotto is a traditional vegetable stew that has deep, rich tastes and, paired with the fresh, zingy mint and garlic topping and the sweet, succulent lamb, it was a truly memorable dish. My friend had the Roast Cod with Borlotti, Clams & Ramson and was deeply impressed, too. Ramson is a type of wild garlic – and this was a very satisfying dish, full of robust textures and flavours.

Thank you Sam Harris for such a delicious gluten-free and dairy-free lunch!

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